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Well Rotted Horse Manure & Compost

We have now added a new enterprise to our farming business. We are now supplying high quality well rotted horse manure to local gardeners and we are working on a new compost which should be available in time for next autumn.

Horse manure is the best type of manure for gardens for the simple reason that the horse digestive system kills weed seeds so manure from a horse has very few weeds in it compared to say, cow or pig manure, which is often full of fat hen and sow thistles in particular. 

We currently supply beautifully rotted manure (it’s like black silt) to gardeners within ten miles of Lechlade in 1.3 tonne loads. Price depends on distance from our farm here in Southrop. We are looking into supplying manure in more convenient bags in time for next winter.

We shall update this page as things progress.