Ponsonby Farms

Agricultural Services by George Ponsonby. 

Who Is George Ponsonby?

I am an all arable farmer based here near Lechlade, I farm 4,000 acres of which I own 300 acres , I rent and contract farm 3,700 acres.  We also do some general contracting on a number of local farms which is another small part of my business.  We grow all combinable crops – winter wheat, spring barley and winter rape.


I started farming in my own right in 1991, I built up my business from nothing to the size it is today.  Before that I trained as an agronomist, and still today, keep up my BASIS and FACTS training, I have a very good grasp of the subject and put it to good use.  I also worked as a farm manager before I started farming.  In 1995 I was lucky enough to buy my own farm and farmhouse and this has been my base ever since.  I have a first class staff of mainly young men who are much liked by all my clients, they are an extremely well trained and professional team. We have won many first prizes including rape establishment, reflecting the standard of my farming against strong competition. 

Why Choose Us?

We have a good reputation and shall look after your farm as if it were our own.  We consistently produce good returns for our land owners by monitoring all costs to keep them to an absolute minimum.  My large following of satisfied clients is evidence of my reputation for not only growing superb crops but also for producing great financial results for my clients time and time again.  We apply huge attention to detail and expect to grow our crops to a very high standard - there is no room for mediocrity in farming these days.